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Specialists in the machining of Aramida Honeycomb, Aluminium Honeycomb, Rohacell® and soft composite materials. Meeting the needs for the Aerospace, Automotive, Ground Transportation and Marine Industries.

Honeycomb Parts powered by GO2 Robotics is a new company with strong knowledge and experience in machining honeycomb and soft composite materials. Our own manufacturing processes maximize quality and efficiency, decreasing nonconformities and achieving Lead Time reduction.

We offer solutions for many of the inherent problems that can be found in existing machining systems. The complex geometries and shapes in today’s aeronautical composites need systems which can respond efficiently and with flexibility to the increasing complexity and changing requirements.

Focused on clients and their needs, we offer high quality and precision products with a competitive advantage, reducing delivery time. Just in time. We are aware of the trends in the aeronautical sector. There is an increasing demand for automation processes which provide the quality and value added required by clients.

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Our Services

Our company has consistently embraced innovation and technology to provide a superior level of excellence for our clients.

Honeycomb Machining

cutting trimming and milling

The complex shapes of today’s aerospace composites require equally complex honeycomb shapes.

Rohacell machining

cutting trimming and milling

We offer a full range of shaping services in the aerospace sector with ROHACELL® structural foam core.


Creating and evaluating designs for precision

The team gathers ideas and transforms clients´ expectations into a proposed solution.

Analysis & Design

Honeycomb parts and processes

Based on clients´ specifications we analyze parts and design the production process to meet their goal in a quick process time.

high accuracy

Absolute perfection and reliability

High precision machining with a 6-axis Robot enable us to manufacture close tolerance components with repeatable accuracy.

Push service

focused on clients

A production chain that achieves better communication between supply and demand. Just in Time.

Our skills

Technology, Innovation. Maximizing quality.

In time

Our work

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  • aramida
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Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Nomex® Honeycomb

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Kevlar® Honeycomb

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Height verification

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Process Design

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Aluminium Honeycomb

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Aluminium Honeycomb

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Different density sheets

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Small quantity runs

Honeycomb Parts Portfolio

Tracking and identification of parts






The GO2 Robotics quality system is designed to ensure that there is a clearly defined procedure for every business activity.

Quality Policy


We know our clients and we want to provide them with an excellent service and an immediate and effective response.